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Rebirth by Joey Miller, MSW
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The Journey of Pregnancy After a Loss

A compassionate and comprehensive guide to healing and conception after pregnancy and infant loss. 

Of the millions of pregnancies conceived annually in the U.S. alone, one-third result in a loss, and of those born, 22,000 infants die within their first year. These numbers are staggering, and underscore the pervasiveness of this type of loss. This tragedy can extend beyond profound grief, creating extensive physical, emotional, and psychological hurdles for women when they consider another pregnancy--something the majority of bereaved women will pursue. Yet, there are very few guides to navigating such a complex journey.

In Rebirth, therapist and social worker Joey Miller counsels women and their families through the unimaginable pain of pregnancy and infant loss, and the journey to pregnancy afterward. She shares her knowledge, wisdom, and compassion to help women and their partners tackle the most difficult issues, including how to:

  • handle the emotional fallout and find support

  • talk to your physician, your family, and others

  • know when you're ready to try again

  • understand essential physical assessments and considerations

  • manage the unique challenges of each trimester


With concrete help for coping with the immediate aftermath of tragedy to managing lingering grief while trying to conceive, Rebirth addresses the inconceivable with empathy, personal accounts, practical guidance, and an encouraging message of healing and hope.



"Therapist and social worker Joey Miller’s Rebirth: The Journey of Pregnancy After a Loss is an indispensable guide for those navigating a subsequent pregnancy while processing the trauma of miscarriage, stillbirth, or postpartum loss . . . No matter their experience, readers who come to Rebirth for support will find they are in safe and caring hands . . . Her warm words feel like the embrace of a trusted, understanding companion, which one truly needs while traversing the emotional minefield of pregnancy after loss. Miller’s work will have enduring value for years to come in helping women come to terms with the aching loss of a much-desired baby, and find the strength to carry on through uncertainty toward the goal of creating a family."

--Beth Bailey, The Federalist

What Readers Are Saying

Mark P. Trolice, MD

Joey provides the light that is essential to emerge from this tragedy and we are all grateful for her sensitivity and advocacy as she empowers her readers.

Louis (Skip) Weiss, Chicago Health

Joey Miller has brought a book into the world that should help ease a lot of pain and guide parents back to a place of joy….and acceptance.

Marney D. Logan

This book discusses a topic that many people are not comfortable talking about. For those who have suffered this type of loss, they will find comfort in knowing that others have gone through this and they are not alone.

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